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Because of the vast and discriminating tastes of people, The House of Glover chooses to deal with many different casket companies. All reputable , make a quality product and give excellent service. Therefore, we feel that we are able to satisfy anyone who calls on us.


We offer caskets in the price range from $295.00 to over $20,000.00. Likewise we deal with several outer burial container companies and are able to offer liners and containers from $ 565.00 to over $ 5,000.00.

Should your loved one make their transition away from home, we pride ourselves in knowing a funeral service professional in or near that location to take care of you, the way we do. Just a phone call to us is all that is needed to bring your loved one home.


Unfortunately, there are times when infants and children must go to “dance in the streets of the heavenly city”. These darlings are referred to as “Uncle Clarence’s darlings”. ‘These services arc tailored, fashioned and executed just for the “darlings”. Prices here are quoted as needed.

3602 Reading Road
Cincinatti, Ohio 45229
Fax : (513) 961-5624
Phone: (513-961-5600